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The Beistle Company, or simply Beistle, is an American company known for manufacturing holiday decorations and party goods, and particularly known for its catalog of Halloween decorations. Beistle was founded in 1900 in Pennsylvania by Martin Luther Beistle, who created the company after being inspired by his experiences as a calendar salesperson and his exposure to a form of paper craft during a visit to Germany. Beistle's line of Halloween-themed products, which was introduced in the 1920s, helped to popularize Halloween decoration in the United States. The Beistle Company is the oldest continuing manufacturer of decorations and party goods in the U.S.


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Former Employee - Sales Account Manager says

"This company has been mis managed since the inception of the last regime. Poor pay and false bonuses that are never paid out. Obviously there is a much needed leadership change needed and this is strictly a stop gap employment opportunity and you should move on as soon as possible."

Former Employee - Warehouse Associate says

"Dirty, disorganized, disheartening. The company lacks a cohesive plan it seems like every department does things how they want to do them. High levels of interdepartmental gossiping, backstabbing, and overall attitude. If you are night shift, which is easy independent work, expect glares from day shift employees for no reason. If you are day shift beware your department heads, they seek to cut you down in order to make you not question them or processes rather than grow you up for a more comprehensive view of the company. It’s certainly impressive that they make parties supplies in America and turn a profit but you’ll never understand how, considering the amount of pointless labor management throws at problems rather than having a thought out plan. To anyone who hopes to join this company I would advise you to keep to yourself, there is nice people who will go behind your back and share your information/opinions with everyone."

Former Employee - ECommerce Manager says

"Management refuses to listen to financial concerns that were repeatedly brought to their attention. There appears to be an excess amount of corporate politics and cronyism that hurts the productivity of the company. There is also a perpetual focus on profit rather than sales or customer service resulting in the opportunity cost of overall revenue. Management appears to lack a viable understanding of ecommerce as well as marketing in general, choosing their own "decision by committee," as a course of action. There has been an abundance of lack of professionalism such as the president asking employees if they "are a Christian" and if "they are a liberal." This type of behavior does nothing but foster fear among employees as well as an environment of perceived bias and hostility. It should never be allowed in the workplace, especially in upper management. One major con of the Beistle company is the perpetual inability to differentiate B2B processes from B2C, resulting in practices that are not competitive. When this was brought to upper management's attention, the observation was met with ridicule and outright scorn. Upper management has a propensity of simultaneously micro-managing to the smallest degree while preferring their own solutions to problems, even without fully understanding the problems or the implications of their solutions. There appears to be a resistance to discuss the drop in sales while at the same time expecting an increase in sales and revenue without addressing issues that have plagued the company for years. Depending on what department you find yourself in will dictate your overall experience. If you find yourself in the ecommerce or sales department, you will experience frustration to the point of participating in the high turnover. However, from what I've heard, people are happy in all of the other departments."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Pay is below average for my position. Former President was micro manager, impulsive, and emotional. Depending if your status is salary or hourly. If hourly, you do not get sick days so having leave days for vacation was far a few."

Former Employee - Shipping and Receiving says

"There was a high turnover."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Small company. No room for advancement. Poor benefits and salary."

Machine operator (Former Employee) says

"They have favorite ppl they stick up for and if you don’t fix into one of the clicks you don’t belong. They treat a lot of ppl unfair supervision is poor don’t work there"

Machine operator (Former Employee) says

"Low pay and to much hassle working with cheap equipment that is always broke down. Not treated fairly and inappropriate advances made. Cons: Upper management are impossible to work with"

General Laborer (Former Employee) says

"They hire managers that have no experience in their fields in all departments. Extremely understaffed because of the low pay and poor treatment. They make you learn more and more to fill in those positions but you’ll never see a penny. Most supervisors are in it for themselves and will favor their freinds never taking the blame always putting it back on the workers. The new ceo is clueless and will never see the complete bull that these people are feeding him they need to clean house and remove the expensive and large body of HR and mangers and general office people. Generally speaking the skilled workers don’t need managers and are better off on their own. Cons: Stay away"

Utility Worker (Current Employee) says

"Management doesnt communicate and is super disorganized. Overtime is mentioned last minute and is mandatory and they fire people over small dumb mistakes. Having worked there for 3 and a half years and being trained on all equipment I've only gotten a dollar and 50 cent raise. IN. 3. YEARS."

Ex employee (Former Employee) says

"Retailation,harrassment,favoritism and double standards are alive and well. More so in shipping but is through out the company. If shipping supervisor, traffic manager or amazon team lead has an issue with you.expect trouble. Upper management will act they care but will meet with supervisors and scheme and flip the script making you the problem. This place is still in the dark ages. Cons: Many"

Utility (Former Employee) says

"It is a good company to work for, if you are related to the right person. The current shipping supervisor lacks the ability to communicate with his employees at all. If you are off for any reason, you are given grunt work when you return. The higher ups will tell you one thing then do another. In the end, you get the short end of the stick.if you work hard, then you are expected to work harder until you keel over then some. Super hard to acrew vacation time. Cons: Managment"

Former employee (Former Employee) says

"Current dept. head in shipping is dragging morale and productivity down with his arrogant better than you attitude..never know where he is. Extremly poor communication and people skills. Plays favorites. Riddled with politics amd double standards. Does not practice what he preaches Cons: Alot"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"Started from bad to worse; the longer you stay, the more you realize how terrible it's managed. Good for a short term job but if you are thinking career then don't bother."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"come in and go to your machine. get two 15 minute breaks. Only see a manager once maybe twice a night. As long as you hit your numbers you wern't bothered. Cons: healthcare"

Assistant supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Small family owed business. Good company to work for. Just doesn't pay well at all. Associates are nice and friendly. Upper management takes care of their people. Cons: Low pay"

Expeditor (Former Employee) says

"It has been a very long time since worked here. I am sure things have changed greatly. Could heave long hours depending on the orders and time of year,"

Sales Business Development (Former Employee) says

"Unreasonable hours expected and poor work/life balance. I had hoped for a more collaborative and supportive environment, with a stronger sense of team, as well as realistically achievable goals."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Great company to work for if you live in the Shippensburg area. Cons: Long hours, no appreciation, negative enviroment and very stressful"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work depends on the day. Cons: New years party sets."

Receiving Dock Worker (Former Employee) says

"As a full time college student, The Beistle Company provided great hours. However, management was lacking, and there was no leadership what so ever. Most days, the Shipping/Receiving supervisor would yell at most of the department for no reason other for his enjoyment. Cons: Poor leadership"

Cost Accountant (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work consists of costing (building a bill of manufacture) and inventory. I have learned the hardships of a company transitioning from one system to the next and everyone pulling together to try and understand how to make it work. The hardest part of the job is not having proper communication. However, I love knowing that what I do is important to the financial stability of the company."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Worked there when I was first diagnosed with an illness. Ran a machine in the heat and would get sick but still had to keep moving. had tank top on that showed some bra strap and was told to put sweat shirt on due to showing bra strap. unreal. hot summer day."

Shipping and Receiving (Former Employee) says

"The title says it all. Average at the company is important. There are not really big things that stand out, and there are no small things. The average is really average."

I.T. Technician (Current Employee) says

"Great starter job for those looking to break in to an industry. Lots of very knowledgeable people who seem to enjoy their jobs. If you like the small family company atmosphere, this place is for you." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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